Nubble Light House


We got to spend a gorgeous afternoon in York, Maine. While there we had to take a visit to the always stunning Nubble Lighthouse. I believe that it’s true name is Cape Neddick Lighthouse but I’ve most commonly heard to it being referred to as Nubble Lighthouse.

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Raptor Experience

DSC06475 (2)

On one of our last trips to Universal Orlando, we were lucky enough to be able to have our own experience with a Raptor. It was a lot of fun and the way everything was set up was interesting. This was a little while ago so I’m sure they have worked out a better way to have this experience.

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California Adventure


Considering how long of a flight it is to go from New Hampshire to Anaheim California I couldn’t miss out on visiting California Adventure.

My initial reaction to the park was thinking how similar the entrance looks compared to Hollywood Studios in Orlando. There are also some other similarities like the Tower of Terror. Here in DCA, during my visit, Tower of Terror was down for refurbishment. Although it is getting a complete makeover and when completed will be themed around Guardians of the Galaxy.

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